The Consult & Liaison Service

The Psychiatry Department at Brookdale has a strong Consultation Liaison Service, (this used to be called Psychosomatic Medicine) caring for the mental health needs of patients of all ages on the medical, surgical, gynecological, and pediatric services Brookdale Hospital.
Patients seen for consultation in the C&L service usually have one of more of these situations: suicide attempts, chronic illnesses such as: diabetes, asthma with mental or emotional factors affecting the physical condition, trauma cases with acute stress, neurological problems (syncope, headaches, seizure disorders, pseudo-seizures), cognitive disorders, agitation or patients who already have a psychiatric condition and are admitted for medical reasons.  Sometimes the C-L service also intervenes in a crisis, or assesses patients who may not be able to make their own medical decisions.

Department of Psychiatry: Consult & Liaison Service

Chief: Stanley Safier, MD

Attending: Adela Gerolemou, DO
Call: 718-240-6331