The Adult Outpatient Clinic

(located on the 12th floor of the CHC building)

The Adult Outpatient clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for persons 18 years old and up.  We treat people with a wide range of illnesses – from depression to schizophrenia.  We offer many kinds of psychotherapy including but not limited to individual, group and family therapy.
We offer a variety of groups on topics such as Anger Management, Men’s and Women’s Support, Emotional Regulation and other topics important to patients in our program. We also offer pharmacotherapy (psychiatric medications) and encourage our patients to engage in psychotherapy as we believe it enhances the effects of medications.

Department of Psychiatry:
Adult Outpatient Clinic

Community Psychiatry Director:
Dindial Singh, MD

Mobile Crisis Coordinator: Lisa Nichols, PhD

Call: 718-240-8220