The Adult Inpatient Service

(located on the 13th floor of CHC Building or on the 5th floor of Snapper Building)

Brookdale Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Service specializes in the acute care of patients with a wide variety of mental illness. We have two adult inpatient psychiatric units, with a total of 61 beds.
Each inpatient unit is fully staffed with Psychiatrist, Residents, Nurses, Social Workers, and Creative/Activity therapists. Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in the treatment of those experiencing a mental health crisis.  This generally means that they are in danger of hurting themselves or others, or are out of touch with reality.  Patients are first evaluated in our emergency room and the ER team (CPEP) decides if admission is needed. If the team in the emergency room decides that the patient needs to be admitted, they will be transferred to the inpatient service. During this time, our multidisciplinary team will help the patient to heal until he or she is stable enough to rejoin the community.
Patients have the opportunity to participate in daily therapeutic groups run by the Creative Art Therapists and Activity Therapists. Some of these groups include Dance Movement Therapy and Art Therapy allowing for non-verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.
Our goal is to provide the most compassionate and comprehensive care possible. At Brookdale, it is our goal to treat our patients’ acute psychiatric symptoms, address various psychosocial needs, and plan outpatient treatment for continuity of care and to prevent re-hospitalization.

Department of Psychiatry:
Adult Inpatient Service

Unit Chief (13CHC): Ali Mamun, MD

Unit Chief (5Snapper): Yohanan Preschel, MD

Social Work Supervisor: Tiffany Dais-Stanton, LCSW
Call: 718-240-6331