Patient Experience is providing the right care all the time for every patient.  Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center Patient Experience Department has Patient Representatives to assist patients and their families with questions and concerns about their care during their stay.


Patient Experience Team

Team Approach

Our Patient Experience Representatives will maintain standards of high quality care for everyone and ensure that the needs of patients are met by making sure that patient's rights are respected.


Our community is important and our patients are our priority.  Patients and their family members or care providers often have questions or concerns about care.  It is important that patients know their rights.


The Mission & Vision of Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center is committed to being the focus of a healthy community, stressing the organization's value of caring and respect for everyone.

- Each patient has the right to know their clinical       team and other staff that may be involved with       their care.


- Your clinical team consists of physicians,                       nurses, case managers, and other care                           providers.


- The clinical team utilizes a "Team Approach",           and includes other staff, such as a Patient                   Experience Representative, to facilitate care           needs and are available to assist you and your         family with care issues.

How do Patient Experience Reps Assist?

Patient Experience Reps Assist By...


- Informing patients of their rights


 - Helping to make patients stay more



 - Answering questions or concerns