Birth in Brookdale Parking Lot

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Our star patient is Tayshaunia Fason, pregnant with baby #3 and due on Feb 17. She received prenatal care at LIJ Hospital and had an appointment on the 7th.  Her OB sent her for an ultrasound because it was felt that the baby was measuring large.


After waiting for 4 hours, Ms. Fason decided to leave.  Later that night at about 11pm, she said she was feeling gas pain.  She didn’t think they were contractions because she usually doesn’t feel them until her water breaks.  She decided to go to sleep, but her two-year old woke her at 3am.  She was still feeling the discomfort but it was pretty spaced out so she went back to sleep.


At about 5am, she went to her sister and told her that she thought she may be in labor.  Her sister wasn’t convinced, thinking it may be false labor.  Ms. Fason then went to her bedroom and timed her contractions (based on what she learned from Google).  She said they were every 2-3 minutes and she knew at that point she was in labor as they became more intense.  She stood up and felt a trickle, realizing her water broke, then felt back pressure.


Her sister drove her to the E. 98th street entrance…by that time, the baby was delivering.  Ms. Fason was screaming, which caught the attention of two women at the bus stop.  The infant’s head was out and showed no signs of slowing down.  Her sister went into the hospital and was instructed by an employee to go to Labor and Delivery.  That employee who,  believed to be from Brookdale's Housekeeping staff, helped gather her belongings just after the remainder of the baby delivered.


The baby cried immediately upon delivery.  Someone from Labor and Delivery came, clamped and cut the cord and the employee from Housekeeping helped her to the wheelchair.  Mother and baby were brought inside safely.


Baby girl, Kali Sanai-Carolyn was born at 6:12 am at 7 pounds, 4 ounces!  Congratulations!