Mobile Crisis Team


The Department of Psychiatry’s Mobile Crisis Team makes home visits, based on community referrals in an unmarked hospital vehicle.  The primary goal is to help people in need of mental health support within Brooklyn and to help keep them out of the hospital setting.  The MCT visits children, adolescents, and adults.

Our Mobile Crisis Team:

  • Teaches patients about their treatment so they are more comfortable following the doctors’ plan for them.
  • Aids in preventing the mentally ill from having relapses (getting worse again)
  • Completes Psychiatric and Psychosocial evaluations
  • Makes appropriate referrals and helps link patients to the treatment they need
  • If needed, - calls 911 and/or provides Mental Hygiene Warrants
  • Provides mental health education to the community such as schools, council meetings, and police departments
To make a referral please call: 1-888-NYCWELL (1-888-692-9355)

Department of Psychiatry:
Mobile Crisis Team

Community Psychiatry Director:
Dindial Singh, MD

Mobile Crisis Coordinator: Lisa Nichols, PhD

Call: 718-240-8220