The Department of Psychiatry at Brookdale offers a full array of programs designed to support recovery from mental distress and illness. We aim to minimize the impact of mental illness on patients, their families and the community by providing state-of-the-art evidence-based treatment for psychiatric illness in an academic medical setting.  Our psychiatrists and therapists are culturally sensitive and are able to provide services in a multitude of languages.  While committed to ending the stigma of mental illness through public advocacy, our care is provided confidentially.
  • Outpatient care for adults and children, including evening and weekend hours.
  • Inpatient care for adults and children.
  • Home care for immobile.
  • Emergency care for adults and children.
  • Mobile Crisis evaluations for those who need urgent assessments in their homes.
  • Crisis Beds in the community to avoid hospitalization.
All of our services are licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health and are accredited by Joint Commission. The department is guided by the needs of the community and works closely with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and has a Consumer Advisory Committee.
All inquiries by patients, families and significant others are encouraged and welcomed. Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance programs are accepted. A sliding scale fee is available through the hospital financial assistance office.
Mental Health Services see also:
  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Children's Mental Health Services

Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health Services

Director:  Jason Hershberger, MD

Call:  718-240-6330


Fax:   718-240-5986