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Dental & Oral Surgery

Department of Dental Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Chairman: Vito A. Cardo, DDS



The Department of Dental Medicine and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is staffed by full time and voluntary dentists, and trained staff that offer full service dentistry in all aspects of care including pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implantology and IV Sedation.

Our 20-chair, outpatient clinic provides a wide range of dental care on a sliding scale basis.  Special services include:
    • Implantology
    • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
    • Pediatric dentistry
    • Dentistry for disabled and special-needs children and adults
    • Dental trauma (via our Emergency Department)
    • Orthodontics
    • Geriatric dentistry

Clinical Department Programs

The Departmentís Orthodontic Program is open to the community. Two Board Certified Orthodontists treat the community patients for both routine orthodontics and more complex orthodontic-surgical procedures.

Emergency Dental Medicine
Dental Emergencies are treated 24 hours/day, 7day/week. The Department treats patients with all oral and facial problems, simple tooth aches, facial swelling, pain and facial trauma.

Anesthesia and Sedation
The Department has available to the community of patients who have a fear of the dentist, a staff of Dental Anesthesiologists that will medicate the patient with sedation to relieve their apprehension. Patients with more extensive needs will be given general anesthesia and treated in the operating room.

Dental Implants
Implants are current state-of-the-art restorations for those patients who have lost their teeth. In addition, implants can be placed in either jaw to help keep a loose denture fitting and functioning. The Dental Implant service is staffed by Oral Surgeons, Implantologists and Prosthodontists.

Special Needs Patients
The Department has developed a program to treat patients who have medical conditions such as, Cerebral Palsy, Downís Syndrome, Autism, Mental Disability and other conditions that require general anesthesia for their care. Our dental faculty is highly experienced in the care of these patients. The patient may be treated in the Operating Room under general anesthesia where, dental filings, extractions and root canal therapy are completed, or in the out-patient dental clinic.

Multispecialty Clinic
We are a multi-specialty clinic with specialists in Endodontics (root canals), Prosthodontics (dentures and caps) Implantology, Oral Surgery (tooth removal), Pediatric Dentistry (childrenís dentist) Periodontics (gum care) and Orthodontics (tooth straightening). A faculty member is available for consultation in each area to plan your care.

Facial Reconstruction and Orthognathic Surgery
Facial reconstruction is a subspecialty of the Oral-Maxillofacial surgery service. Patients who have lost parts of their jawbones to trauma, infection or cancer surgery can have their jaws replaced and/or repair and functioning again. Patients who have congenital defects such as cleft palates, overbites and under bites can have these facial defects corrected by surgery, as well.

Temporomandibular Joint  (TMJ)
TMJ pain and malfunction is a common finding in many patients. The Department has several Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and General Dentists that can repair these defects and reduce or remove the pain associated with TJM Disease.

Geriatrics & Nursing Home Dentistry
Brookdale Hospitalís Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation are covered by the dental staff. The dentists perform all annual and periodic examinations, as well as, treat patients in the clinic for procedures such as, extractions, cleanings and denture fabrication.

Treatment For Life Center (TLC)
Dental Care This TLC is located within the hospital, 5th Floor Aaron Pavilion. The two chair dental clinic is located there, along with the centerís other multidisciplinarian teams of healthcare providers. The TLC is a New York State Department of Health Aids Center. We address the Oral Health needs of more than one thousand people living with HIV within the Brookdale Community. We offer comprehensive dental care to adults, children and families living with HIV.

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