Live Light Live Right Program

Welcome to the Live Light – Live Right Program
Because Nothing Should Weigh a Child Down!
acting differently.  Our four-part, repeatable treatment model is backed by scientific principles and
rigorous evaluation.  We provide essential knowledge and community resource to improve wellness
at any weight.  We shrink inhibitions and make it fun for kids to get fit by furnishing a safe, judgment-
free place to transform their lives.
Live Light Live Right services the Brownsville, East New York and Flatbush sections of Brooklyn,
where 40% of families have annual incomes below poverty rate and the incidence of childhood
obesity is three times the national average.  Lectures and willpower alone won’t reverse this
alarming trend.
Our flexible, multidisciplinary approach works across diverse populations and in various settings, including hospitals, schools and community coalitions.  Live Light Live Right was recently honored with the prestigious Community Health Improvement Award from the Health Care Association of New York State in recognition of the program’s outstanding leadership, collaboration and results.
Key components of the program include:
  • Medical care by specialists at the obesity clinic
  • Nutritional and behavioral counseling
  • Tailored physical fitness programs with trainers
  • Patient care coordination and referrals
  • Educational seminars and workshops for physicians and community organizations
  • Specialized summer programs
Weight loss isn’t the only measure of our success.  Through behavior modification, dietary changes and consistent exercise, children in the program achieve major improvements in quality of life and fitness levels.  Many youth normalize their cardiovascular risk within just one year and experience at least a 40% improvement across 14 critical health indicators.
  • 70% reduced their relative Body Mass Index (BMI) score
  • 50% reduced their cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • 50% reduced their insulin levels and blood pressure
  • 40% showed normalization of a number of the cardio-metabolic risk factors
  • Reduced incidence of new onset Type 2 diabetes to <1%
After 20 months, participants show clear signs of remarkable transformation.  They keep the weight off through better food choices and by staying active.  Over half continue to reduce medical risk and 40% move into the normal range for all measured categories.  Best of all, children are filled with a sense of pride and optimism about their futures.
For more information contact Dr. Dhuper at (718)240-5857 or Rena at (718)240-8125.

Child Obesity/Weight Control Program

Founder & Exec Director:  Sarita Dhuper, MD


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