Breast Health Services

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center has a multidisciplinary, patient-centered
approach to the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Brookdale’s Breast Health Services
promotes early detection of Breast Cancer, and if diagnosed, provides appropriate medical care
with a comprehensive approach to treatment and emotional support. Local residents don’t have
to travel far from their homes to receive quality care. The Breast Health Services Program has been
designed to dismantle barriers faced by all breast cancer patients and is non-agenda based –
respecting and focusing on the patient’s agenda. This includes providing education to patients and
caregivers regarding diagnosis and treatment plan as well as connecting patients with support
People are newly diagnosed and need help on formulating next steps based on the clinician’s
recommendation.  Patients get difficult news and may need support and guidance on how to talk to family and friends about the diagnosis and action plan. Others are receiving radiation and/or chemotherapy and need literature about it. Through the Patient Navigation Program, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center wants to ensure that the patient has access to information and assistance, if needed, in exploring treatment options and resources. Not only are breast cancer critical services provided in one convenient and familiar location, but the service offers patients emotional support and encouragement.
There are several initiatives that can be accessed by breast cancer patients through the Breast Health Services program:
  • The  “Look Good….Feel Better” program sponsored by the American Cancer Society teaches beauty techniques to women who are receiving treatment for cancer to help them combat the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.
  • During the summer months, the Health Bucks Program, developed by the NYC Health Department, provides participants with paper vouchers which can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets throughout the five boroughs.
  • Brookdale’s Cancer Support Group meetings are held twice a month on Wednesdays from 1 to 2 pm at the Hospital.  Please contact the Patient Navigator for more information. The group’s main focus is to link people who have been recently diagnosed with long-term survivors of cancer. Group topics include information on cancer resources, nutritional support, and holistic approaches to health. In addition, the group occasionally has art therapy projects and closes each session with guided meditation.

Breast Health Services

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