Ambulatory Infusion Unit

The Ambulatory Infusion Therapy Unit at Brookdale is staffed by Board-Certified physicians and a team of highly skilled and trained nurses. It is designed especially to provide individualized, specialized treatments to patients in a caring ambulatory environment.
Treatment plans include but are not limited to chemotherapy agents and biologicals. The focus is on those patients who require hematological and/or oncology interventions. The age range of the patients is from pediatric to geriatric. Pediatric patients are in a separate child-friendly unit. The plan of care is individualized for each patient and includes the patient’s significant other and family in the decision making process.
Recognition is given to the importance of minimizing the disruption of the patient and his/her family’s lifestyle due to the need for on-going treatment regimens and reducing the need for hospitalizations. Incorporated into the treatment plan is individualized, age appropriate education related to disease, specific diagnosis and treatment procedures. Instruction is provided by the professional staff regarding signs and symptoms requiring medical attention and self–management strategies which will minimize complications. In addition, the staff identifies and facilitates additional support and community referrals as needed for the AITU patients and their families.
The AITU is easily accessible by train, bus and car.

Ambulatory Infusion Unit

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