Adult Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program


The emergency room (CPEP) is for people who are having a mental, emotional or addiction related crisis. A person in this situation might feel like they want to hurt themselves or those around them, or might lose touch with reality. Patients can come on their own, with a family or other caretakers, or by ambulance.
Brookdale’s CPEP is open 24 hours a day. Patients will be assessed by a team of doctors, nurses and therapists who will decide how severely ill they are and how best to treat them. If the patient needs more time for evaluation, they may stay in the Extended Observation area for up to 72 hours.  The team will ask family and community members for input and involve them in the treatment plan. Some patients may be able to be released from the emergency room after brief treatment; some may be referred to outpatient or other outside services, like substance abuse programs; others may need to be admitted to the hospital inpatient unit for longer observation and treatment.  Families and others in the community will continue to be involved in planning for the patient’s safe return to the community.
There is 24 hour psychiatric evaluation for patients 18 years and older.

Adult Extended Observation Beds (EOB)

We have four beds for longer observation and emergency for up to 72 hours for patients 18 and over who come to our Psychiatric Emergency Department.

Adult Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

CPEP Director:  Stephan Carlson, MD

CPEP Coordinator: J. Allanah Evans, LCSW

Call: 718-240-5761